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It is a time of turmoil in the galaxy...


The Empire has suffered defeat at Endor but is not willing to admit failure. The newly formed New Republic is still trying to assert control over the galaxy. Smugglers, bounty hunters, and mercenaries all try to navigate these changes. Intelligence is key. Stationed near Hosnian Prime, the old Republic space station Valor has become a hub of information gathering. Clandestine meetings lead to vital intelligence being passed along to New Republic, Imperial, and Mercenary leaders.


But secret rendezvouses are not always safe. A zealot looking to make a public statement blows up a part of the space station. Each faction lost a key intelligence asset that day. While looking to fill the hole in their intelligence, The Dark Side learns of an information broker who might be willing to help them... for the right price.

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100x100.JPG Admiral! We just received word that the space station Valor has been attacked!

100x100.JPG And our ISB operative there?

100x100.JPG Dead sir.

100x100.JPG Dank Farrik! As if things weren't hard enough for us right now! How are we going to replace him?

100x100.JPG Operatives on Rorgam say there's a new player on the field, sir. We could try to recruit him?

100x100.JPG Yes, we should convince him our position is the strongest.. by whatever means necessary. We certainly don't want the Rebels or any mercenary groups to have access to him. Who can we spare for this mission?

100x100.JPG There are a number of new recruits, sir. Seems many don't agree with the assassination of our Emperor.

100x100.JPG Tell me what you know about these recruits. Maybe one will be right for the job.

Armed with the knowledge that this broker can be found on Rorgam in the Terr'skiar Sector each team sets off to find him or her. 

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