'Custom' custom wheels?

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Simply put, was wondering if anyone is yet selling stl files or designs for wheels that don't quite fit in with the established custom sizes? I'm working on a locomotive right now that had 73" drivers IRL. 73 is an... ugly number, at least from my perspective, when it comes to train wheels - it's 2 inches too small to be XLLs, and 4 inches too big to be XLs (it's made worse on this particular engine because the prominent side-skirts on the real-thing had the effect of making the drivers look extra-small; so even though XLL is the closer fit, my eyes keep wanting to default to XLs, if that makes any sense. You be the judge, but to me these just don't look like 73" driving wheels):


I know, I know - rivet counting is kind of silly in Lego trains. But I tend to base my scaling of a locomotive around a wheel size, and those stupid gears I'm forced to use to represent XLLs in Stud.io are looking really, really chonky right now. I'm not technologically inclined in the slightest, so trying to design a spoked wheel for CAD is a little like asking me to cast a magic spell. I feel like the day is coming when more options are available, but is anyone there yet?

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Also, just a little trick for anyone who would like it. I doubt I'm the first to stumble onto it, but I just came up with this a minute ago:


That is an XLL wheel - like, exactly. It's 12.5 plates high. It's going to look ugly, but it's a better stand-in for scaling purposes than those gears. 

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I've got a few wheel sizes out here - in mostly official sizes but some custom sizes for my PB15 trucks.

I can probably put something together if you are willing to test it. Just need the diameter in real units and I can work from there over the next few weeks.

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