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Gresley conjugated Walschaerts valve gear + suspension

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I'm back baby 

Tried to get every angle but sure I missed some.

Sry no pics of the baker valve gear it hit hard when I realized it would be to large so it got tossed asunder in favour of this.

Wheels are custom but somewhere between xl and xxl i think - no binding on curves at all 

The limiter is not quite limiting enough so reverse is no so smooth easy fix but eFfOrT

The 9f is done but digital only - the mechanism is one I purposed to get the 9f to beat the t1 (and mallard) if the yanks manage it; but seeing I lack 10 million pounds a model will have to do. How and why the 9f you ask find out in 6-8 months when I finally get around to ordering the many parts (60ish cm long)

The running little 1/360 stud train set in a carriage is finished as has been for months but have been waiting as its probably my best Moc, people how have seen it think so at least (especially considering it has no modified pieces)

Forgive the odd driven (not here) tender it's just for a basic train that can pull the small train carriage with no traction tires as the set is driven by the bogies.



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Thanks it was a pain with my 3d printer as the holes need to be smaller than Lego standard to reduce play enough for the middle cylinder to move the same-ish distance as the outer 2 

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