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[COR - OKT] Punto Sur Elementary School

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It was close to three in the afternoon - school was almost out! The youngsters were eager to get to the Oktoberfest, grabbing some food, having some fun. Yet Mrs. Litherthon, teacher of Punto Surs elementary school, had some things to do before letting the kids go today.


"Alright, we are almost done for today. Jonathan, I can already see your parents waiting in front of the school.

If everybody would now please hand in their assignment from last week. You remember: two pages on a local animal of your choice. I will collect the papers now."



"Matthew, what is it? Oh I can not believe it! You forgot your homework again? Well, I guess this means some overtime for the two of us, you will write your two pages now. For everybody else: I wish you a good day, have fun and take care!"





This thread builds on the story in my "main '22 Oktoberfest thread" and features my entry for the "all other property types" category for the 2022 Oktoberfest mini-challenge. The build is licensed as a small education property in Punto Sur.


Some more pictures:





As always, comments and criticism are welcome! :pir-classic:

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Nice little school, even a blackboard is available. The student who forgot the homework was shown funny. He's the only one of the kids who doesn't have a piece of paper on the table.

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Nicely detailed interior for the school, right down to the missing homework. An excellent addition to Punto Sur! :thumbup:

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