[MOC] Music Hall - Concert room with orchestra

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A year ago I posted the facade of the Stadsgehoorzaal (music hall) in Leiden, Netherlands. In my post I said: “In the future I hope to extend this building by making the concert room with a large orchestra. :-)”.

So, hereby I show you the concert room as it really is. I put in all the minifigures I have (which isn’t enoung to fill the whole room).

In a few weeks you can actually see this Lego music hall in de real Stadsgehoorzaal (Breestraat 60, Leiden). I’m very proud to have this Stadsgehoorzaal Moc in the real Stadsgehoorzaal 😊.












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Marvelous. It pleases me to see a persons whole collection of minifigures. I'm too primeval, and, alas, I will be having enemy figures to fight... But maybe I can make it just a party. Interesting seeing you have duplicates, the love is all the more there, I'm sure of it.

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This is cool. Nice job on the pianos, too. Is the current stage setup permanent, or are you going to swap it around every so often?

Have you thought about floor panels on the stage? It looks like your foyer and other floors are smooth, so would it be possible to put studs in the stage where they're needed for a specific display, and then a smooth stage everywhere else?

All the different minifigs give you a great chance for some fun sight-gags, too. Statler and Waldorf are right where they belong. 

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