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[WTC] WTC Outpost in Black Beach

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On a cool October morning on Gunpowder Island, an angry shout was heard throughout the small settlement of Black Beach:

"Alright, who in their right mind left all those explosives out in the open? Guys, we are Corries, we take safety serious, we... oh damn, of course it's the WTC."




Indeed, it was the WTC. Having set up a small outpost here, a WTC Marine was overlooking the bay of Black Beach from high above:




An ugly watchtower combined with a warehouse, built in the most brutalist design imaginable... but still a base of operations for the WTC on the yet untamed island, and a visible sign of Corringtons presence there.






Rumour had it there were plans the WTC had for this place. Who knew how they would come out? Only time could tell.






Some small WTC build to set up their activities on Gunpowder Island in the (hopefully) near future. Licensed as a small commerce property due to the trading company theme and the attached warehouse.


As always, comments and criticism are welcome! :pir-classic:

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Looks like a good, solid tower! I appreciate the use of digital backgrounds, I think if it was a bit further away from the screen you might not get the light grain from it?

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The brutalist design fits the harsh Gunpowder island perfectly! Great to see WTC plans coming to fruition. I'm looking forward to the cooperation between the WTC, ETTC and the Crown on the island!

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That's a funny story! :pir_laugh2:

You could put a lantern on the battlements at the front, so that the guard can see better. :pir-huzzah1:

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