With the announcement of the Orient Express as an IDEAS set, I think it’s worthwhile fast forwarding the creation of this thread by a couple of weeks (I was going to create it the same date as last year, November 14th). So here goes with the list of train sets in recent years back to the Winter Holiday Train:
  2023? Orient Express 2022 60335 Train Station  60336 Freight Train 60337 High Speed Passenger Train  76405 Hogwarts Express Collector’s Edition 10308 Holiday Main Street (trolley/tram) 2021 N/A 2020 10277 Crocodile Locomotive 40370 Trains 40th Anniversary Set (GWP) 60271 Main Square (tram)  2019 70424 Ghost Train Express 71044 Disney Train  2018 75955 Hogwarts Express 60197 Passenger Train 60198 Cargo Train 2017 10259 Winter Village Station  2016  10254 Winter Holiday Train  
Sets with a strikethrough are retired. Itallicised sets are ones with expected imminent retirement. Bold sets are new for 2023.
    I’m really looking forward to the Orient Express set when it’s released, but I’m really wondering will there be anything else?  Does this qualify for an 18+/Creator Expert/Icons set like the Crocodile or is it different because of hype surrounding the book (no murder was ever committed on the service)?  I’d be excited to hear your guys suggestions. The Orient Express-specific thread is here: @JopieK would pinning this be advisable?