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[MOC] Photo/film scanner

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Found some old photo films. Doesn't had specific scanner. With document scanner results were really bad.

So, what to do? Of course, if there are lego technic at the hand, why not to use them.

So, some half and hour, and it is ready. 



Camera is held just by some little bending of litftarms. This canon fitted really well


In fact, also lense with just in the width of the box, so it is really held there.



Film holder


Needs some improvement, adjustment, as film is closer to 4 studs in height. On the other side there are 3x11 panels and 3x3 cookies.

Light source is phone in some white screen mode (there was some app on playstore)


This is first shot


Maybe need to bring focus closer, to get better resolution, but then, maybe, geometry would be distorted

Abd then first final result (just crop and invert)



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Nice creative solution.

20 minutes ago, Carsten Svendsen said:

I thought the film would be useless if you took it out of it's casing in the light?

That's for undeveloped film; this film has been developed.

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Yes, this is developed film. Of courde "raw" doirectly from photo will be "damaged", fully exposed.

Made second version for film holder. Film is about 4.5 studs high. So centering of whole holder is "illegal"


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