1930s Post Office and mail delivery vehicle - 10246 / 10308 inspired model

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So I woke up the morning of Sept. 22nd, 2022 to the news Winter Village set 10308 - Holiday Main Street had been revealed. I liked some of it (Trolley FTW!) but the buildings were lacking "something". So, I tried to recreate the music store in LDD to fix what I thought I needed to fix. That quickly turned into full-blown MOC only slightly inspired by the set with a fold-open back wall and vastly different interior.


More recently, I revisited it to add in a bay window, elongate the second floor, and revise the troublesome roof with a design inspired by set 10246. (Detective Office modular building)


The lower floor has got a sales desk with old fashioned cash register, a scale for weighing packages, and a couple safety deposit boxes. The poster on the wall above the boxes will be a "most wanted" mugshot, for a true post office feel.

Moving on, the upper floor is the sorting room, with bunches of drawers for route maps / address change requests / etc., cubbyholes for outgoing mail, and trashcans for dead letters. The table is for where the postal employees do the sorting.


The rear of the building has a service door to give access to big trucks for delivery / pickup of cross-country mail.


The 8-wide postal delivery vehicle was heavily inspired by free instructions for a 6-wide hi-rail vehicle (called the Stud Inspector) I found at the bottom of this page by Brick train Depot. It really is a cool model, and a neat callback to the "Rivet Counter" trucks you sometimes see on (non-LEGO) model railroad layouts.


I added a opening rear loading door, a different color scheme, and (of course) revised it to 8-wide.

Thoughts, anyone?

EDIT 2/3/23: Revised model, added new pictures. For comparison, here is the original MOC:


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Sorry for the bump, but here is another revamp, hopefully the last one:


The above is the newest model, which you can see more of in the first post.

Below are the the two older versions:


November 2022 version


September 2022 version

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27 minutes ago, A_Forest_of_Lego said:

Great update! I love the new roof!

Thanks! I was inspired to combine the roof from Detective Office with the music store from the WV set by the style of a building in downtown of my home city. (for those wondering what building: 727 North 1st Street, St. Louis, MO is the exact building. It used to be a old warehouse for tobacco, but is now a Old Spaghetti Factory restaurant location on it's lowest level.) Anyway, it has this late 1890's / early 1900's painted cast-iron look to it, and was perfect to be repurposed for my post office.


Picture in spoiler of building in question from St. louis City website, but BE WARNED: it is VERY LARGE!!


Christian Peper Building


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