10308 inspired MOC - 1920s Post Office and mail delivery vehicle

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So I woke up this morning to the news Winter Village set 10308 - Holiday Main Street had been revealed. I like some of it (Trolley FTW!) but the buildings were lacking "something". So, I tried to recreate the music store in LDD to fix what Ii thought I needed to fix. That quickly turned into full-blown MOC only slightly inspired by the set with a back wall and different interior. (All in all, I spent two-and-a-half hours digitally puzzling this out.)


I then turned it from a music store into a post office as I still need a post office on my town!

NOTE: The big front window, drain pipe parts, and a couple printed pieces are missing.


The rear of the building has a service door to give access to big trucks for delivery / pickup of cross-country mail. I'm honestly not happy with the roof, but doing a matching one to the front is impossible. Thus, this version will have to do.


The lower floor has got a sales desk with old fashioned cash register, a scale for weighing packages, and a couple safety deposit boxes. The poster on the wall above the boxes will be a "most wanted" mugshot, for a true post office feel.

Moving on, the upper floor is the sorting room, with bunches of drawers for route maps / address change requests / etc. and trashcans for dead letters. The table is for where the postal employees do the sorting.

Finally, the attic is empty, but I'm tempted to put the lawbreaker mentioned on the poster up there hiding out!

I have a mail delivery vehicle built already (technically it's been built since 2018) just waiting for a place to pick up mail from. Sadly, I seem to have never taken pictures of it in real life. :grin: So until I find the real model and take pictures, a few older digital screenshots will have to do:


This model was modified from @ScotNick's red British Morris Mail Van. (see it here on Flickr) The yellow van MOD features a brighter paint scheme and a sign on the side signifying it's job as a letter carrier. I added backwards-opening doors, a different rear hatch, a new front end for a 20's look and bigger tires. Not much of the original model remains intact, to be honest.


This vehicle can seat one figure in the drivers seat and can hold a lot of cargo in the back compartment.

Thoughts, anyone?

EDIT 9/23/22: added the color scheme of the set back onto the building. Looks better, and it is no more expensive that the drab coloration of before.

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