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[CaTC] Gloam Centaurs (Nexo Knights)

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Nexo Knights and Hidden Side were my two favorite themes, so I combine the best of both for a new Nexo enemy faction -- the Gloam Centaurs.  The Nexo Knights have beaten back the lava monsters (year 1), the stone army (year 2), and the vampirates (year 3) -- but now this evil equine enemy has emerged to challenge Queen Macy and her loyal Nexo inquisitors.  These fearsome centaurs use sinister idols to summon unholy powers from long-dead themes (in this case, Hidden Side).  The theme's main colors are black, olive green, and trans-neon green.


First, the tiny $10 set, The Gloam Cannon:


This contains two centaurs and a Nexo warrior -- "conflict in a box!" -- plus a centaur laser cannon and one of their dread idols.  Creepy!



On the pricier side ($119 because of the single-piece hull), here's the larger set, The Gloam Drifter.  No, the boat doesn't actually float, but those centaurs are good swimmers so it all works out.


(I only have one centaur in these pics, but the set also comes with another centaur and two Nexo opponents.  There's conflict in this box too.)



And here's the chorus line of high-stepping, green-glowing centaurs ready to challenge the Nexo Knights.  They may be evil cultists, but they know how to dress up!



What's not to love about a theme featuring a colorful centaur cult?  Vote Gloam Centaurs today!

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