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This is my entry for the Create a Theme Contest, being hosted on the Special Themes forum.


Theme Name: Isla Mística

Theme Description: Somewhere along the rugged coast of Chile… just beyond the fog… awaits an island full of mystical creatures and terrifying beasts! The local fishermen have learned to coexist with their magical neighbors, but the arrival of Spanish explorers threatens to disrupt this tenuous peace. The angered creatures are now indiscriminately attacking human settlements across the island. Can the fishermen and explorers team up and successfully mount a defense? Or will they become the next victims of Isla Mística?


Category 1 Entry (Two Sets from Theme)

La Bruja’s Cave - $9.99

The wandering explorer has stumbled across the dwelling of La Bruja (The Witch). Beware the fearsome Imbunche (mythical monster) guarding the entrance!



Inside the cave is La Bruja's potion ingredients... and perhaps the leftovers from El Imbunche's last meal?


Open the spiderweb to reveal a set of Spanish armor... from the last unlucky explorer.


The cave folds up into one cute little structure!

On to set #2...

Fishing Village Attack - $99.99

Ship approaching! The dreaded Millalobo and his aquatic minions La Sirena and El Pulpo have descended on the peaceful fishing village with their Flying Serpent Ship. Can the fishermen and Spanish explorers use their net launcher to turn their enemies into the catch of the day?












^ Video of net launcher in action!


Category 2 Entry (Minifig Lineup)

This theme includes 3 factions: the Spanish explorers, the local fishing tribe, and the creatures.


Spanish Explorers:


Left to right: soldier, 2nd mate, 1st mate, captain, soldier, soldier.


Fishing Tribe:


Left to right: fishmonger, fisherman, his daughter, chief’s son, the chief himself, the healer/shaman, and the blacksmith.


The Creatures:


Left to right: El Trauco, El Imbunche, La Bruja, Millalobo, La Sirena, El Pulpo, La Bestia, El Murciélago.


Fun fact, this theme is inspired by a real place - the Chiloé Archipelago in southern Chile. It's known for lots of things, including its stilted houses over the water, its seafood, and its rich folklore. I had the chance to visit there on a solo trip, and loved the eeriness of the foggy forests and smoky shoreline. Several of the minifigs above were directly inspired by creatures from Chilote mythology!

Thanks for scrolling this far! Hope you have a mystical day.


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I love how much you were able to pack into your sets, especially the $10 one! Using door elements to represent planks was a really cool idea!

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Inconspicuous! Now that's a name I've not heard in a long time! I miss your reviews from way back in the day.

I love this. The theme idea feels very cohesive, and the builds give me super 90s vibes. The use of those old doors as platforms and roofs is wonderful.

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On 9/21/2022 at 2:34 PM, Inconspicuous said:


So this set is basically a rock which turns out to be a refrigerator? :pir-grin:

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As similarly mentioned, I dig the old school vibes! The concept of Millalobo and the Flying Serpent Ships are really nice, especially the choice for his torso. Also, for some reason, I'm actually feeling a little bit of dangerous vibes from the band of villains in the sets haha!

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