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[GBW] - Mission - PDSRE - Al-Quirmam base infiltration

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At the back gate of the new Al-Quirmam weapons depot, two conscripts guard the installation. They feel secure in their ability to see anything coming at them along the road.


A quartet of bikers roll up to the gate to chat. Early in the day shift, the guards are happy to chat. A young gal flirts with the conscripts as men sneak up and enter the drainage and enter the base.


Near the end of the guards shift, a truck drives up to the gate. The conscripts open the gate, not bothering to check their papers. The truck with a trailer hauling dual 40mm anti-aircraft cannons rolls through without having to stop.


As the heavily laden truck continues past them, the guard in the tower thinks to himself, "That's the best packing job I've ever seen our men do."

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19 hours ago, Dutch Thriceman said:

This is quite the banger, love the fence.

Thanks. I wanted to build an electric fence that looked right, so I used a bunch of bars.

10 hours ago, ParmBrick said:

Nice! Love the Indiana Jones vibes here, and love that cactus xD

Grazi. I can't take any credit on the cactus, it's the backside of the collectable minifig.

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37 minutes ago, TheBeeze said:

You earned 20 points. Fence reminded me of Jurassic Park!

Yes, it is reminicient of Jurassic Park. The electric warning sign is from a JP set. I don't have enough string pieces to make the fence from wires, so I improvised.

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On 9/19/2022 at 9:13 AM, SATSOK said:

nice one m8 :)

Smart thinking of the bomb shells !!!

Thank you. I built those mortar rounds earlier, but they make great filler for builds like this.

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