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Lord Valgor

[MOC] The Olde Gull

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Here be The Olde Gull; a fine ship despite her age.
52329601771_f3fcbd1ddd_b.jpgThe Olde Gull by LordValgor

Just a small ship I made out of spare parts. Nothing special, but a respectable ship nonetheless. Still need to make sails for it though...
Comments welcome!

Here she is fully laden with cargo. Not a bad haul.
52329907054_1eb86e7081_b.jpgFully laden by LordValgor

Here she is laden with cannon and cargo, just in case you wanted a bit more protection brought along.
52329907259_5c8ac892b9_b.jpgLaden with cannon by LordValgor

Need to smuggle something? The Olde Gull has got ya covered there too.
52328651252_d7889137d5_b.jpgHidden compartment by LordValgor

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