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Professor Thaum

[SR-FB Sep 622] Dr Thaum's finest special

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Tortuga, nowadays, somewhere on the island not so far from the main city.


Dr Thaum : You made a nice job mr Havershaw, those tobacco crops are pretty healthy.

Mr Havershaw :  Sure doctor, but I'm afraid, I will not be able to do better than few acres, you will not make it big.The leaves are too frail to make descent cigars. That will stay a kind of anecdotal despite being a high quality blond tobacco.

Dr Thaum : This is fine this way mr Havershaw, no matter the quantity if we have quality, that will be a gift of choice for friends of mine. My own personnal supply. Perfectly suitable for true meershaum pipe smokers.


Pr Koko : Give a kiiiiiiisss to Kokoooooo !!! Donne un bisou ! Donne un bisou !


A Small tobacco plantation for Tortuga. C&C welcome, a bonus pic here :


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1 hour ago, Thomas Waagenaar said:

Looking lovely!

It being diagonal adds another nice layer, and the loose studs help sell the ground-bedding better than normal placed bricks would!



Agreed! The loose studs work really well as dirt. Nice job

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Nice little tobacco plantation. It's great that a ladder was built to get to the top of the hill. I like the big turquoise flowers.

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