[MOC] Black Falcon Castle

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Castles are back ! And this is a small castle for the Black Falcon faction.
In this castle, you can find a cellar with a prison (as usual). On the main floor, there is a room for the Black Falcon lord. And of course, a tower to see if people are arriving.
I built it as I'm a huge fan of LEGO castle. This set was originally built in the context of the 90th LEGO anniversary. I did some enhancements to promote it as an idea here: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/7095c483-f0a2-4cff-9628-3837b9cbe649
I think this castle is a good addition to the other LEGO castle sets that were released in the previous years.
Feel free to support it if you want !



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1 hour ago, Black Monarch 88 said:

I really like the rounded cross windows. 

Totally agree ! They are so "middle age"

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