Of Course Elsa

Hi! My name is Of Course Elsa, and I’ll tell you why :)

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life long love of Fabuland. Discovered recently that I could purchase some of my childhood dreams, with my adult money haha!

Going through the research of how many sets there were and how old and so on, I started stumbling over the amazing work of Gary Istok - and little by little I climbed further down the shimmering geek ladder that is Lego. Here’s to you Gary! ☀️

And then through 2 different ads for vintage Lego for sale, I had the pleasure of making friends with two older gentlemen whom we’re both selling their life’s collections  and since I was over the moon and super eager for any information the could give me -it turned out they had more objects - not intended for sale, but they felt safe “adopting” them to me. Amazing honor! 

anyway. Born 1979 in Sweden, have long blond hair, often a braid slung over my shoulder. So while discussing online pseudonyms with an American friend, he just laughed and said “well that’s super Easy! Of course Elsa - what else?!? 

very much a beginner in the collectors arena, so be kind 🤗 

all the best and thank you for letting me in! 🌺


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Great story and very kind of both of the gentlemen to pass on their collections to you. So your collection is already bigger than (one) life :laugh:

Welcome to the Forum Elsa. Have fun!

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