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Forces of Evil

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Ok so over at MCN Red said he had some orc faces for us, and that Kamino would print them if we asked nicely. (and paid him of course) anyway, I also had redesigned my roman armor, and boy it came out nicely. - so the designs of the orc faces are Redbeans and the others are mine and Kamino printed them all.


First the leader Kirg One Eye. a fierce warlord who has united the wandering tribes into a solid confederacy.


Kirg is aided in keeping the forces of evil in line by the Night Lord - a shadowy and mysterious figure who greatly resembles the lavadude.


Rulok is an older orc, a survivor of the man hunts of old. He is crafty and vicious.. a true role model for young orclings!


Gromak the Wild is a chieftan from one of the tribes that was absorbed in the uniting. he is always looking for a way to increase his power in the new clans.


the Fyrelaird was once an orc but through the darkest of magics he was joined with a fire daemon... and has been driven mad by the process.

Group shot if you want to see them all at once

Coming soon: Dragon lords, the Warlord, and more!

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