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HMS Adder is a 5th rate frigate in the Corlander navy. She is armed with 22 18lb longguns, 16 18lb caronades and 4 swivel breams. She has a crew of 316 men.



The sea had been eerily calm over the past day, largely keeping the Adder stationary.

Lieutenant Fishbourn consults with Mr. Furlong. While Mr. Furlong wasn't an officer, he had been a sailor for over 35 years and knew how to navigate the Brick Seas better than anyone else on board.

"Mr. Furlong, how many days out from El Oleonda would you say we are if the wind picks back up this afternoon?"



From the poop deck, Captain Groughland observed Lieutenant Fishbourn talking with Mr. Furlong.

The lieutenant was still quite green, Groughland thought - it sure was good to have seasoned hands like Mr. Furlong on board to pass along maritime knowhow to his younger officers.




OOC: Submitted to Corrington as a heavy frigate for the GoC Oaken Shield task 3 - Cruisers of Terranova

I believe with this task approved I'll have three different GoC tasks completed @Ayrlego @Bregir

I've always really liked the 1990's imperial flagship hulls, but the ship seemed super small compared to minifig scale. So I recast the ship for microfigs!

It was fun using dark brown with the classic brown and dark gray of the hull pieces.


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This is a nice ship. The bow and stern are well built and I like the color combination. With the microfigures I like the ship very much. :pir-triumph:

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As I commented on Instagram, I really feel the microscale minifigs make this build 'pop'! Changing the scale changes the whole feel of the build. Very nice work on the shaping and the brick built sails are top notch! :thumbup: for GoC!!

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