Hello my (nick)name is fluub

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Hello LEGO® fans! I'm a 40+ collector and builder from The Netherlands.

Reason i visit and become a member here is that I have a minifig at home. I received it in a shoppingmall in town of birth somewhere 1979/1980.

I searched and searched and searched for any information about this minifig. But, no luck so far. There might be only 1 (left) in this world.

It's a fireman, fully dressed in black including a black helmet. On his chest he has the printed LEGO logo. I will post this in the right section of the forum.

So, if you have some info or a place to find more info please tell me.

Second. Im a father of 2 sons. One loves Lego, the other likes reading books. Third, I try to buy every Lego set, except CITY and FRIENDS. And DUPLO.

I hope I can become a valuable member here and learn from all of you.


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Interesting website, Gonkius. I have found a better origin for my motorcycle. AND WELCOME fluub! I hope all your pyros came from an infernal good time!

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Thank you all for the reply, thank you also for the website! I tried to 'like' your replies, but it works a bit different here than Insta :D.

Gonkius, well, its part of the question. Yes, its black fireman minifig as you show me in the link. Indeed I have one with a printed torso. I guess it's a rare one then..... lucky me.

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