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Professor Thaum

[SR - Eslandola Mini Challenge - Cat. B] A marketplace

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Fatu Hiva, nowadays


Usher : Welcome to our market sir, I'm the usher.


Usher : You seem to have some lovely pigs to sold, I will get you a good place for that !

Pig : Oooiiink !


Man with the Hood : I don't need a good place, this si my wallet. My wife asked me to get some change in Gwuinnees.

Usher : Errrr... ?

Wallet : Grouuuiiiik Koooink !


Within a spyglass sight :


Iauln : Doctor, I know you're involved into this mess in Eslandola, with this weird, non-sense currency... But why are we there, in a Trading post of Oleon ?

Pr Koko : Give a kiiiiiiss ! Give a kiiiiiss !

Dr Thaum : My young man, I love Eslandolan people ! There is nothing more reliable than someone you may pay his loyalty cash. But there's a drawback. If you joke with the money, you will earn a one-way ticket to the gallows. Here, in Fatu Hiva, I'm pretty sure, they won't even understand what's going on !

Pr Koko : A Kuuuuuss, zu geben !


My Cat B entry. C&C welcome as usual.

This marketplace to the good care of any Oleonese board member to licence it ( @Captain Genaro )



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1 hour ago, Professor Thaum said:

Pig : Oooiiink !

The pigs are well recognizable and funny built.

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Great colorful and bustling marketplace!  I also like the birch trees and the extra fat pigs. :pir-laugh:

Unfortunately though the rules for Category B say it's supposed to be 32x32.  Since this is digital, maybe you could cut off some of the edges and do a render of the 32x32 studs that you would like to be judged?

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3 hours ago, Professor Thaum said:

Judge only the wallet, that's all that is important here.

:thumbup:  Hilarious way to describe a gang of pigs, by the way. :rofl:

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