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Last week in Nova Terreli, two men no one had ever seen before appeared in the street.


They were handing out free donuts and cookies and encouraging everyone to vote for Count Lewisham.

Everyone who saw them enjoyed the donuts and was sure they had never seen them before.

But then along came a bobby.  He thought he recognized these two men under their long beards.

"Good afternoon, friend," the bobby said.  "I'm Frank--it's nice to meet you."

The guy with shaggy hair laughed and said, "I'm James!"

The guy with shaggier hair said, "I'm Thomas!"

The bobby nodded, his suspicions confirmed.  He glanced down at a wanted poster that had floated across the cobblestones.

Thomas cleared his throat.  "Wouldn't you like a cookie?"


The bobby smiled and took out his handcuffs.

James said, "Have a donut!"

The bobby jingled his handcuffs.

Thomas said, "Seriously, have a donut."


And this is why the Nova Terreli police force supports Count Lewisham.

Just a fun little something for Count Lewisham's side in the ESL challenge. :pir-grin:

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Yes, another vote for the good, generous and just Count Lewisham. :pir-huzzah2: The giant donut is funny. The police know who they are loyal to.

The wanted poster with Jimmy and Timmy is well done. James and Thomas are of course not the wanted people.

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