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Alright, I know there's one already made here though I made this one the CABG and I still wanted to show it here. It's such an awesome set! :classic:

Well, I got a big box from S@H at my first day summervacation, now that was such an awesome start! I was suprised by the size of the box, it was about 1,5 the size I was expecting. Inside were 17 bags, 2 instructions books and a sticker sheet with 3 stickers, 1 for the stand and 2 for the chest. I really like the one for the stand. The back of the books show 4 new sets, and the first page is familliar.

We start building the rotating stand with GG's feet out of this pile of bricks. You first build the lower stand and then the upper stand. Notice the small hammers used at his feet.

Stand and feet ready!

After that, we build the legs and underpart of the torso. The legs are pretty thin and a bit unstabe. It doesnt fall over though.

The torso is next, followed by the organs. A brown hood is used as his hearth. The chestplates are build after that and then we move on to the neck.

very detailed and good part is the head. The back has a lot of cheese slopes. They used a dark red 1x1 plate and yellow 1x1 round plate light to crete his eyes with the flesh. A pretty nice solution. The head is movable by some technic pieces.

Finally, the arms are made and the upper two can be replaced by 2 shoulder pads. The lightsabers, with different hilts can be placed into it's hands by those handy T-joints. Finally, after a lot of usefull bricks left, the model is ready.

4 arms

2 arms

back with 4 arms

comparison. (alright, just a bad excuse to show off my UCS collection. :tongue:

Positives: Very, very HUGE model, nice use of bricks and a really detailed one. Good rotating stand and nice sticker.

Negatives: No split between arms and you have to hold him really good while moving because it's a bit unstable.

I give it a 8/10. It's really worth the money.

Oh, and ask yourself. What looks better, this one or his little brother? :tongue:

Thanks for looking! :classic:

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Thanks for the review DarthPineapple :thumbup: . I like this set but unfortunately I just buy the brickmaster suscription and the sandcrawler the last month and I need to save a lot for the clone wars sets so maybe later this year or the next year this general could stand in my collection :classic: . I like the the comparision pic I have a similar UCS collection but I own the AT-ST and the SE naboo starfighter, them are my only UCS sets :tongue: .

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