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Ghost Rider Midnight Race
By Rui Miguel

"I ride, and Hell follows with me."



Ghost Rider Midnight Race is a product concept I made as a fictional SDCC LEGO set exclusive. This year marks the 50th anniversary of Marvel’s “Ghost Rider” and when I saw Marvel Legends team from Hasbro teasing a Ghost Rider project for their next Haslab with that beautiful anniversary logo, all I kept thinking was how badly I wanted to see one in LEGO! So the idea started there. 

I think with the current LEGO portfolio a stand-alone Ghost Rider set would only be made into production under these circumstances and that’s why I made the decision to make this a Comic Con Exclusive (although I’m aware this would let down a lot of fans that wouldn’t manage to reach this release, including myself)





This is my first Marvel project and it is also bigger in terms of the design process. This project allowed me to fully embrace multiple roles that bring LEGO Products to life.
From Model Design (both analog and digital), Graphic Design, Building Instruction Developer, Packaging Designer and Marketing.
The most challenging part was being my own ‘Model Coach’ to ensure that the model lives up to LEGO's high-quality standards.
All these were meticulously engineered to bring the best play and building experience to the project.


Above you see multiple views of the model and a detailed look at the graphic design. You can also find free access to the PDF file of the building instructions and the Bricklink studio file of the model of the motorcycle and display stand. You can upload to Bricklink and generate a wanted list of LEGO parts needed to order.

With the manual, you can build your own Ghost Rider motorcycle (and see a “small” tease for what’s next in the pipeline).


If you build or just read the instructions I hope you find the scope of scale in terms of details that I wanted to bring to this project.
You are cool and I hope you have a good time and fun while building, playing and displaying.

Feel free to leave a comment 
Feedback is always appreciated


- 238 pcs (motorcycle and stand only)

- Removable and playable motorcycle

- Stand display

- Stickers sheet not included


Download Links (mega):

PDF Building Instructions (21.1 MB)

Bricklink Studio file (289 KB)

If you haven't, check out my Star Wars Crab Droid 


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13 minutes ago, Mandalorianknight said:

Very professional presentation of this MOC. 10/10 would be incredibly irritated if this was released as an SDCC exclusive.

Thank you for your review @Mandalorianknight 🙏 .

Now that I think of it I hope this doesn't give LEGO any ideas for exclusives, that was not my intention. 😅 I have shelved another concept idea for a stand-alone Ghost Rider set targeted for 12+, $30 more or less featuring classic Danny Ketch Ghost Rider and Mephisto. This one would have been non-exclusive, I might do it after my other two Marvel projects in the pipeline. 

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