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Wood Elf Silver Lords

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Silver Lords (revisited 2022)


52263952225_a8e5208161_b.jpgSilver Lords (revisited 2022) by MWardancer, auf Flickr

52263483223_5ac64bb6db_b.jpgSilver Lord Standard Bearer by MWardancer, auf Flickr

Customization Notes:
Revisiting old models in this case meant making the best cavallery I can possibly make. In the 2022 revisitation, the horse helmets got wings (which I cut off some official LEGO helmets). The lances got little flags which are cut from whips. Also I wanted to give each horse a unique color. The gray horse and the tan one are China knockoffs for about 1 Euro each. The dark orange one is official. I had just finished painting a dark orange one when the the official one was released. The helmets are from nicebricks in Monaco. The capes were made by a dear friend of mine in England. The horse caparisons are official parts. I bought four of the castle sets with the caparison set and sold them without. The round stickers are official as well. The lances are old classics of mine. The hoof armor is cut from Brickwarrior's vambraces. The armor is a painted Atlantis emperor armor. The banner is of course from Nexo. All my regiments will get some. The daggers are from Brickwarriors. So yeah, I cannot make better horses than that. This is probably the most expensive regiment I have.


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I just saw this in the other army thread. Truly beautiful. 

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