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REVIEW: 60341 The Knockdown Stunt Challenge

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Here is my review on 60341 The Knockdown Stunt Challenge:


  • Nice exclusive minifigure and bike body (at least for now)
  • 7 glow in the dark star pieces and few 1x1 round tiles.


  • Owning 2 other stunt challenges, this one just feel a bit underwhelming in terms of challenge compared to the other two I have.

I'm actually happy with what I bought.  Great minifigures, glow in the dark star pieces and a new stunt bike body with prints.  The challenge itself is simple and does not need much practise to clear but then in comparison, the double loop and the blade challenge are a lot more fun.  Make sure pay attention when building the knockdown challenge as if the pins are connected the too tightly, it's not going to move as smoothly as it can/should be. Given I bought this with 25% off, I don't feel as bad in my wallet but again, if no discount I probably won't have buy this and wait for the parts to be available later assuming they will.

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