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Mister Phes

LEGO Pirates at LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre in Birmingham

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Ahoy, matey! This summer, the LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Birmingham is home to a swashbuckling pirate party! Jump onboard, or face walking the plank!

Go on a swashbuckling adventure at the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre this summer. 

  • Explore MINILAND which has been taken over by pirates - spot the ships and find your favourite pirates.
  • Meet a LEGO Pirate! This is the perfect photo opportunity.
  • Why not upgrade your ticket and build a perfect pirate parrot in our creative workshop?
  • Join our Pirate Camp where you can learn how to be an awesome pirate!
  • Collect the 6 trading cards in the centre - don't leave without all of them, you'll have to walk the plank!
  • Build your best pirate ships and animals with our incredible selection of LEGO!
  • Why not dress up as an aaaarghsome pirate?

Don't be a scallywag, jump onboard this summer!

Plus, as part of the entry into the LEGO Pirates event, guests can go on to enjoy everything else within the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre including two awesome rides, loads of LEGO play zones, Duplo soft play (so it's suitable for @evancelt) and much much more!


T'would be fantastic if someone went along and took a bunch of photos... and a few videos...

And what do they mean by "Build your best pirate ships and animals with our incredible selection of LEGO"? Does this mean they're going to have FREE Pirate LEGO for you to steal MOC until yer little heart's content?

Or what about "Collect the 6 trading cards in the centre"?  What trading cards be these? Are they LEGO Pirate trading cards? "Explore MINILAND which has been taken over by pirates" - what's this MINILAND? Have they piratized it?

So many questions remained unanswered! Which brave souls dare find out?

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