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[MOC] The Expanse Scirocco class assault cruiser 1:1,500

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The Scirocco class assault cruiser is a medium sized Mars Congressional Republic Navy ship from the TV-show "The Expanse". It's the most shown ship of the MCRN throughout the show and appeared in season 2 - 6. At 200 m long, it is equipped with a starboard rail gun, several torpedo tubes, point defense cannons and breaching pods at each side. It's ventral bay holds three dropships for aerial assault.

The microscale is 1:1,500 as I have other models in that scale already (Truman class dreadnought from "The Expanse", X-303 and BC-304 from "Stargate SG-1", Omega class destroyer and Hyperion class cruiser from "Babylon 5", the Corvette class transport from "Starship Troopers" and the advanced helicarrier from "Captain America: The Winter Soldier").
It's nearly the same scale as the Imperial Star Destroyer (75252).

I used BLACK turntable tops (as seen in the instructions) but rebrickable didn't allow to add them to the inventory because they have never been released by Lego officially. That's why the inventory shows grey turntable tops. Anyway, the black ones are available at bricklink sometimes.
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