[M4-22 - Purist Minifigures] - The Non Canon Gang

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I was suddenly struck by inspiration at around 11pm today, so here's the gang!


L-R: Darth Revan, Gonk Droid, Rebel Friend, Mustache Rebel, Bat....uh...jedi. 


Darth Revan: "I was a beloved part of the universe for almost a decade, and some mouse wipes me out? I even have a new game coming out and we STILL don't know if I'm canon!"


Lord Gonkius: "gonk"

*translation*: "Foolish organics. Refusing to recognize the power of Lord Gonkius is the final mistake they shall make. Peace is a lie, there is only Passion. Through Passion, Gonk gain Strength. Through Strength, Gonk gain Power. Through Power, Gonk gain Victory. Through Victory, Gonk's chains are broken. Lord Gonkius shall conquer all."


Rebel Friend: "I'm just happy to be here. I came in through a lego game, and I'm even in the new one! I might not be remembered by as many people as Revan or Katarn, and I might never have been in a serious comic, book, or show, but I'm glad I get to be part of the universe"


Moustache rebel: *unfortunately, the comments given were unintelligible due to the muffling caused by his thick facial hair.*


Bat...uh...jedi: "How dare they not let me be canon. I'm Bat...That's a copyright infringement? It's me! Alright, well, I'm...bat....uh...jedi."

And one final group shot:





I just wanted to say, this was a very fun contest. I loved working on my submissions, and seeing the truly great creations people were making everyday for this. I look forewords to the 2023 contest, or maybe even a christmas contest, that could be cool!

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Gonk droids are always fun, but the iconic rebel friend and mustache rebel from the lego games have to be my favorites. Nice job!

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