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Lord Of Pies

PICTORAL REVIEW: 6264 Forbidden Cove

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Greetings fellow pirate lovers, I bring ye another review this time of 6264 Forbidden Cove!


This set was released in 1994 and consists of 4 minifigures, 207 pieces and retailed at $30, not bad but not exactly an amazing deal!

The Full Review

The set, as mentioned earlier contains 4 minifigs, 2 islanders and 2 rag-tag pirates. On top of that their are a variety of accessories.


A close up shot of the two pirates, both looking very scruffy!


...And the two islanders, both wearing differing outfits.


A musket and pistol are the weapon of choice for the pirates for long range combat whilst the poor islanders are stuck with the bow and arrow.


A very cool tribal drum, in the words of King Kahuka himself: "I beat you like tribal drum"


And the treasure, quite a good helping this time, 8 coins instead of 4.


Now for the set itself, a small fort for the islanders which consists of a canoe, a croc, and the pesky pirates planning plundering!


The pirates and the small rowing boat, nothing unique here.


One of two floors of the structure, providing shelter. The roof is constructed using 3 palm leaves, held up by 4 1x1 pillars.


The pet croc, looking for a nice pirate meal


Now for the most striking part of the set, a stone "mask", made from bricks and plates, no single large moulds used here to construct it. Although their are burps on either side of it...


It even swivels on a hinge revealing the submerged ground floor, presumably to hide the treasure, but their isn't actually anything inside aside from to 2x4 red bricks on either side.


The back of the set, with no walls for easy play, showing the 2 floors and ladders to climb up to the 2nd floor


Not much room, but easily defendable, assuming the pirates attack from the front!


A rather tall palm tree is located to the right of the outpost on the beach.


A spear shield is provided and the vines in the back ground are a nice touch too


A Kuhuka mask is sitting on a pole at the very top of the outpost, casting its watchful gaze upon any intruder!


The set is ideal for adventures, with several play features and accessories included


Nothing lack a good whacking to keep your senses alert!


Overall this set has a very solid build, the colour scheme is nice, the black red and grey works well, and the swivelling entrance is very cool, so I suggest that if you do not have this set already, go and buy it!

Comments, criticism and pies welcome!

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This was the largest pirate Lego set i had as a kid... memories came flooding back while looking over the complete set...

i had forgot all about those vines! oops, must see if i can find the instructions and build it again. thanks for the review, and i can say by experience this set has unending hours of playability!

regards Cpt. PB

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Probably the best islander set. It is great that both "factions" are equal in number and not that one of them is severely outnumbered like in most other sets. Nice looking stone mask and overall nice structure and usefull parts. (and I think it is the only set with the "islander prince" minifig, and the only without kahuka :thumbup: (even though it is possible to make him)

5/5 :thumbup:

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Hey, thanks for posting this review! :thumbup:

The Islander sets always seem to be the overlooked, but usually solid sets in the whole Pirates theme, and this one fits that description perfectly.

I've never been sure quite what it's supposed to be, something sort of like a port fortification with a place to hide treasure or ... I don't know. It's a good way to add a couple more natives to the army, another nice swabbie and another eternal Captain Ironhook. Again. :pir-hmpf: Well, 3 out of 4 isn't bad. :pir-laugh:

My favourite part in the set? The drum, of course. It's the perfect tribal barstool! :pir-sweet: I should pick up a few more of those... I'll be right back, I need to update my Bricklink wanted list.

*time passes*

I'm back!

Boats, oars, guns, gold, pretty much the standard assortment, but add a 16x32 blue baseplate and it's a guaranteed winner, but I think you could still reassemble one for under the $30 price tag. This would have been a great clearance set though.

All things considered, I'm going to give it a 4/5. It's nice. It's useful. It's a little pricey by 1994 standards. Still, a set with plenty of fun and usefulness, so if you find a deal, go for it! :thumbup:

Thanks again, Lord of Pies! :jollyroger:

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but I think you could still reassemble one for under the $30 price tag.

Yeah, you could do that pretty easily, just about every islander set is still pretty cheap. *gotta buy some more before everyone realizes islanders are awesome and prices go sky-high :pir-tongue:

But what's up with the people voting it 2/5 and not commenting?, what could be so bad about this set? It is at least better than some "classic" pirate sets.

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I let this one slip away... It seemed a little flimsy at the time, I was never a huge Islanders fan, and there were castle sets to buy.

But this review has reminded me that there was more there.

Thanks a million and God Bless,


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Thanks for creating this wonderful set review Lord of Pies!

I shall return upon the weekend and share my own thoughts on this set.

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Great little set. Lots of accesories and some good figs ("Not antoher Iron Hook mommy, please no!")

It makes me think that the Islanders should have got a real base (like the Imperial Gaurds, Soldiers, and Pirates.) Sure, they got Enchanted Island, was it, but they coud have got something much cooler. Islanders had great sets but lacked the pizzaz a some other factions. The Armada did to, but their sets just sucked.

Edited by Norrington

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6264 Forbidden Cove, the second largest Islander set has plenty to offer, so today I'll begin by discussing the mini-figures.

Forbidden Cove has an adequate number of mini-figures for it's size, though it's interesting to note that the significantly smaller King Kahuka's Throne had more. As some have already mentioned this set includes yet another Captain Ironhook mini-figure and yet another King Kahuka mini-figure. However, this time they've decided to let Kahuka go maskless, and it was theorised the mighty TalonCard in A Guide to the Pirates Mini-Figures Part IV this mini-figure may actually be just a prince and not Kahuka himself.

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I'd never really looked at pictures of this set very much, but now I have read your review I see it is a brilliant set. It looks great, the structure is really nice! I only have one Islander set (one of my two pirate sets) and if I could have bought this instead, I probably would... :pir-wink: Well, there's still eBay and Bricklink and the like, but I don't generally buy sets that way... :pir-sceptic:

I appreciate your great review though, Lord Of Pies! :pir-cry_happy:


Edited by Shoc

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