3 MINIs from Book Of Boba Fett - Scorponek Annihilator Droid , Modified N-1 Starfighter (NEW), Repulsor Train (NEW)

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HI everyone

The Scorpenek annihilator droid appears to be based on a piece of concept art for Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones and appear (and made canon) in Episode 7 of Book Of Boba Fett (or Mandalorian Season 2.5 if you prefer :pir-grin:).

In essence a much larger version of the Colicoids' droideka, the annihilator droid was armed with two dual rapid-fire laser cannons cocked back in the menacing form of a rampant scorpion.

This was quite a simple little build, the hardest part was the two loops behind the cannons which attach to the main body.  I started by trying to use click hinges but could not get the right angle and they were too big.  Eventually clips and the new(ish) 1x1 plate with handles were the solution.  These also had the benefit of holding the angle of the cones in place on the hinges.

There is also a custom Pyke soldier minifigure for the display.

Let me know what you think. More models soon.




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Another great mini. You pretty consistently hit these on the head of the nail. If you're looking for more models to do minis of, the fallen order game's Mantis might be nice.

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Thanks both.  I am always looking for new models to build so the Mantis is certainly a possibility.  Just need a minifigure.......

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Hello again everyone, it's been a while since I posted anything new so here are a couple of models from Book Of Boba Fett:


As we know a modified N-1 starfighter was owned by Din Djarin following the destruction of the Razor Crest (boo hoo!). Djarin and the mechanic Peli Motto worked together to build the N-1 starfighter as a replacement.

When I first though about a model for this I thought just changing the colour scheme of one of the official polybags would do the trick, but once i did that I actually realised I wanted more detail.  The model grew from wanting to use the plate with two handles for the guns at the front but to do this the wings needed to be upside down (as the handles are offset slightly below the plate) and so an idea was born.  The front is inverted using brackets attached to a technic brick which also allows the body to incorporate the third engine at the rear.  It’s quite hard to explain and is quite tricky so here is a picture of the construction of the body:


Flipping the wings at the front also allows the “turbo” to be added in front of the cockpit in the stud hole in the bottom of a 2 x 2 tile with 2 studs.  The tail is attached using one of those 1x1 round plates with a bar.  Overall this was quite a tricky little build with a lot of parts interacting to keep the size and shape this small.  A few flat silver and gold pieces are also added for detail and contrast. 

I think this is now one of my favourite models.





Tatooine Repulsor Trains were used by the Pyke Syndicate to transport spice on Tatooine.

This is quite a simple, but effective, little model.  This had the possibility of becoming a much larger model but I decided to keep it small and simple.  The “locomotive”  is built along bricks with studs on both sides and the bottom of the carriages are built with 1 x 4 brackets and 1 x 1 brackets.  There is a gap in the brackets of one stud on either side but you can only see that from the bottom.

No real tricks with this one, I think I used them all up with the N-1, but an effective little model all the same!



Let me know what you think.

 FYI, I finally watched Andor over Christmas (excellent isn’t it?) so I have some more models to build. 😊


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PS.  If anyone can think of any other potential builds from BoBF please let me know

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