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Count Sepulchure

[MINIFIGS] "World City" (a custom character universe)

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Good day dear reader,

Having adopted Lego minifigures as a hobby, the lovely back-catalogue of pieces demanded that I run a Town subtheme of my own, an outlet and simultaneously a harbour for yellow-coloured pieces and earthly ideas and characters (as opposed to aliens and such). It seemed logical to adopt the name of the short-lived and long-defunct pre-City line - World City, thus paying tribute to and occasionally ruminating on the concepts of this rather unique, strangely moody and overall fascinating theme.

At some point I also realised that minifigures can help me channel some of my writing energy, and thus character stories now go hand in hand with most of my posts on Flickr where you can also find the entire selection of themes and genres that I happen to delve into from time to time. I do not shy away from Lego-compatible products but keep their use sparse and in a way that complements what is already there.

My World City is a melting pot of movie references, cultural icons, the occasional real-world stereotype, original Lego characters and simply some good plain old-fashioned fun with minifigures. Bios are written left to right, and I invite you to join me on my journey!


World City Blues

World City Blues


1. Brickster has risen through the ranks of the underworld and now lives a rather comfortable life which is about to be shaken by the appearance of two international criminals in his city.

2-3. A pair of undercover secret agents who followed a lead and are currently investigating a plot involving...

4-5. Mr. Ogel and his distant cousin Mr. Señor Palomar (now communist) both came to the city and are plotting something... big. Interpol is keeping a close eye on both, their age notwithstanding, but no meaningful intel has been gathered yet.


World City Hues

World City Hues


1. The mechanic fixes that which ain't broke and then charges for repairs - twice. A fool-proof scheme indeed.

2. An 80s-revival fashion model. Colour was never out of style, it was just muted. Time to crank it back up again!

3. A gymnast in all the classic shades. Nothing's classier than classic, and any arguments to the contrary will be quickly outclassed.

4-5. A pair of hipsters. Or are those hippies? The city might have done some smart rebranding there. Either way, they seem to have attained a higher degree of Perception than us common folk, and can now hear colours and smell sounds.


Great hair day

World City - Great hair day


The Great hair day is a special day in World City. Some get to have a blast, others not so much! One may opt to extend the day into a whole week or longer, although in most cases involuntarily. Read the label when buying your hair dye!


The colour rebellion

World City - The colour rebellion


1-2. Prison rebellion - in prison, inmates have been spotted trying to get their hands on whatever piece of colour fabric they can procure. Smugglers have never been busier!

3. Leisure rebellion - as if he needed a reason, Izzy himself went all-out with his style. And go he did!

4-5. Workplace rebellion - honest working citizens too have uptaken gaudy coloured garb. initially started off by the self-employed crowd, but contract employees are also catching up now, much to the dismay of their bosses.


The bootleg saga

World City - The bootleg saga


On a studio lot not too far away... The yellowlings rebelled and shot their own saga!

Actor 1, the alien. Nobody remembers inviting him to the set, and nobody has seen him in the final cut either.

Actor 2, the pilot. A full-time stuntman, he seems alright.

Actor 3, the princess. She navigates her starship using what looks like a map plastered across an aluminium sheet.

Actor 4, the hero. Charismatic and a little out of touch with the script - he does come from a different video industry after all, one where plot takes a backstage.

Actor 5, the survivor. Feels a little overdressed for her role, but thinks of it as necessary cosplay.

Actor 6, the star denizen. She actually came off a different studio set, but still got a part in the movie.


The cartel drama

World City - The cartel drama


On a studio lot right around the corner... You may just catch a glimpse of the latest "cartel drama" in the making!

The director shies away from no topic, genre, or parental rating. He welcomes all sponsors and can be found involved in up to twelve projects at a time. Regardless of what it is you want immortalised on reel, he is your man!

Green screen man is always there on the set, but never in the final cut - except for the occasional editing mishap (check the "goof" section).

Actor 1, the Warrior Woman. Her brief was short: a scantily-clad warrior, a golden weapon and for some unknown reason a mandatory tiara. Which scene are you waiting for the most?

Actor 2, the shopkeeper. What started as a lukewarm tale of a guy running his candy store quickly spiralled into a bloody whirlwind of cartels, acid, blow and an exuberant parade of facial hair and period hairstyles.

Actor 3, Richie. As with the aforementioned "bootleg saga", this actor also came off the lot of another hyper-violent picture, and fit right in with the current production. This kind of thing just happens around here, you know!


The cultured folk

World City - The cultured folk


1. Firearms enthusiast - believes that a good gun can fend off many a malady, Corona included.

2. Sunbathing diva - is well-versed in the brands of sunscreen sold in Poundland and listens to Lorde all day long, every day.

3. Trailer park diva - loves dancing and fashion and is having trouble deciding which one she likes more.

4. Tracksuit lad - also knows a good deal about fashion, his hobbies are: having a drink; whistling at ladies.

5. "The man" - buys his milk with cheques and drinks it straight from the bottle.


That is it for today - I will be uploading more on my Flickr and may occasionally add it here.

None of the above is to be taken seriously and is intended as a parody only. Peace!

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