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REVIEW: 60340 The Blade Stunt Challenge

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Here is my review on 60340 The Blade Stunt Challenge:


  • The biker minifigure is excellent.
  • The actual stunt also require some practise not just running a bike through.


  • RRP is very high.

Ended up buying another set from the Stuntz sub-theme.  I do like this set and the minifigure I want turns out to be excellent as expected.  I do also think some of the parts are great.  In terms of the stunt itself, originally I thought it is easy to pull compared to the double loop stunt but I was wrong.  It still take some practise to run the bike through the blades.  I think this is a great addition to create a custom stuntz course but by itself it can get bored quite easily.  The biggest drawback of all the stuntz sets are the price, RRP is so high (well most lego sets are nowadays).  If not because of the 25% off special, I probably would have wait until brick & pieces start selling the cool parts.  Probably not a recommendation to everyone but you are keen to get some new minifigures and do find the stuntz bikes fun, then this is something for.  Still only recommend when you can get more 20% off though.


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Recommended Retail Price.

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