[MOC] Spanish Frigate "Phama"

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"Nuestra Senora de las Phama"




  • Spanish 5th rank frigate
  • Armament: -26 x 18 lb longguns

                            -22 x 18 lb caronade

                            -4 x swivel bream

  • Crew: 330 man
  • Parts: 6836 parts
  • Dimensions: -63 cm height

                               -31 cm width

                               -100 cm length

  • Captain: Jose Manuel de Labart




  • Keel laid in Cadiz: 01.06.1794
  • Launched: 15.08.1798

                   based on plans by Alson Bueno

  • 1798 - 1800 Equipment and passage to the Caribbean




Phama entering the port of Havana 1800

  • 03.05.1801 capture of HMS Sparrow
  • 09.10.1802 Battle of HMS Indefatigable
  • 01.02.1804 Capture of HMS Amelia
  • 1805-1807 transport of a Spanish emissary to China

capturedo n the return voyage from HMS Agamemnon, HMS Endominion; HMS Amphion and HMS Bellona 1807

  • Purchased and commissioned by the Royal Navy
  •  until 1815 in blockade service
  • 1815 Sold and scrapped

















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Well built frigate with many details. I really liked the ship with minifigures, rigging and sails.

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Nice frigate. Good lines, and very Spanish color scheme.  The way you extended the new anchor molds and made them appear larger is great.  I also like the white plates in the lattice pieces amidship to represent hammocks. Nice touch.

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