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Dear all,

I would like to introduce my latest little work, named Heinrich Hospital. I've been working on it for a while in order to obtain some decent photos. And finally I did it.


I built it a couple of months ago, but the idea was longer waiting in my head, since I bought the original Lego model 60204 "City Hospital" in 2018. A long time ago in fact.


It's a beautiful model in my opinion but it needs to be modified to be inserted in a modular city and I wanted it to be in the center quarter of Rava Town (my  Lego City).

Arounfd the web I met several modularized versions of the original playset. The mods I found were all bigger and, let me say, simply modularized. But I needed something different because the center of Rava Town is rather old fashioned, so I decided to modify it accordingly on my own. I wanted a mix of new and old. And this is the final result in a few photos.





Hope You liked it and see you next time!


 Edit: 2023 Lego modular building will be an hospital, of course...

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Nice one! It definitely is a lot better than the LEGO hospitals of the last, well, forever.
And it being modular is absolutely to be commended. Love it.
The different levels look great.
Keep clicking those bricks together!

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I love the mix of the old and modern in the style.  It’s quite common for schools, hospitals, fire and police stations here.  I have a plan for a fire station in a similar way.  If you don’t mind, I’ll be using this as inspiration.

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Beautiful MOD! The mixture between the modern and classic architecture works suprisingly well.

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