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The LEGO Ambassador Network

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Ok, so a lot has happened since 2008, time to update the initial post :laugh: !


Nowadays it´s called the LEGO Ambassador Network but it´s still basicly the same thing. There are more of us and here´s the description of what is all about:

The role of the Ambassador

The ambassador will represent a designated and Recognized LEGO AFOL User Group.

The role of the ambassador is to create and maintain a relationship with the LEGO Group and other LUG Ambassadors for the purpose of fostering an active AFOL community.

The ambassador is not employed or paid in anyway by the LEGO Group for the activities or representation done as an ambassador of the designated and Recognized LEGO AFOL User Group.

Furthermore the ambassador is not a representative of the LEGO Group and may not tell AFOL’s or the public that the ambassador officially represents the LEGO Group.

As a part of being an ambassador of the designated and Recognized LEGO AFOL User Group the ambassador will have to sign a standard NDA governing the exchange of confidential information received from the LEGO Group.

You can see a little on the LEGO homepage here and othervise please feel free to contact me!

Sincerely / CopMike

PS - below is the original info from 2008. DS

Hi all!

First I´d like to say that I feel very honored to be the Ambassador (Amb) for Eurobricks this cycle :cry_happy:! I will do my best to represent you & TLC in the best way I can!

I´ve been real busy and out of town since the nomination was made, sorry about that, but from now on I´ll be more active.

One of the reasons I´ve been laying low is that I wanted to meet up with other Amb´s and the LEGO reps at Brickworld in Chicago last weekend.

That was really great and I think I now know how I will do my work.

Below is some info from our Amb website that I want to share with you:

LEGO Ambassador Guidelines

Purpose of the Program

Allow a select group of Adult Fans of LEGO the opportunity to act as the voice of the AFOL community to the LEGO Group.

You have been chosen for a very special task. You have been given the privilege of being the voice of the AFOL community towards the LEGO Group so you should use this privilege wisely to make a difference for the AFOL community!

What will you be doing?

If you’ve chosen to be a LEGO Ambassador it’s because your communities thought that you would represent the group effectively. When giving opinions and ideas you should keep the people who nominated you in mind as you are their representitive.

You also should have joined this group with the intention of making a difference within the AFOL community and within the LEGO Group.

Some specific tasks

Continue your community involvement

LEGO Ambassadors are the spokespeople for the entire LEGO Community, and in order to be the most efficient voice for the AFOL Community means you will need to continue your vigilance in listening to your communities.

Your main task as an Ambassador is to continue your involvement with the online and in-person communities you are involved in. You are speaking for all of them when you speak in the program. If there ever comes a point when you are no longer in touch with the community or your role as an Ambassador has stopped you from being involved with them you’ve cut yourself off from your entire purpose in the program. You are essentially no longer a LEGO Ambassador at this point.

To me all this above quite clearly shows that is the Ambassador program is a we-thing, it´s not the Amb´s own year in the sun where the community doesn´t count!

What this year eventually gives is what all of us makes of it - I & the other Amb´s will try to tie your input together and bring them to TLG.

Here is some general information about the Ambassador program from, and here is the official site callade where you for example (soon) can read about the different Ambassadors and many other things.


- That all LAs establish contact to and co-operate as far as possible with local LEGO offices.

- That LAs organize themselves in diverse teams (country, LUG and gender) with a team leader and find effective working styles.

- That teams together with the assigned member of the LCT plan and carry through the projects they have selected together.

- That LAs actively communicate about the LA projects and relevant discussions in the GENERAL LA forum back to the AFOL community.

- That the LAs submit quality input in a well organized format to TLG on behalf of the AFOL Community.

- That LAs who decide to do so, give well considered feedback to “top secret projects” in the TOP SECRET LA forum – this will require signing an NDA


It was a strong input from the 2007/08 LA cycle that there is a need for concrete projects for LAs to work on. So therefore, here you go:

1 - Rescope to has been in existence for over three years and has not turned out to be what was the original intention i.e. a web portal to the AFOL community. The web site is owned and operated by the not for profit organization BrickPortal Inc. which was established by a group of AFOLs in collaboration with the LCT. Over the years the site has crashed and been rebuilt two times or more but has never succeeded in delivering on the initial intention. Therefore we suggest that we change the purpose of the site to be “the official website for the LEGO Ambassador program”.

The task of the team that signs up for this project will be to scope what they want to see from this site, what the best way to execute this will be, and then to go through with the execution. Many aspects will be incorporated into the site as time goes on, including other Ambassador Projects like e.g. event calendar and Q&A. When the rescoped site is shaping up, a link to the site will be established on

2 - Establish global Clubs/LUGs database

Part of working with the AFOL Community involves the need to know as much about it as possible. We currently have a solid count of nearly seventy-five LEGO User Groups and nearly 20,000 individual AFOLs who are members of these groups, but we know that this is just scratching the surface of how many fans there really are out there. Also, we have some serious problems with “double counting” as many AFOLs are members of many groups.

The team working on this project would work off the data we have gathered so far, add new groups and clean up the double counting of members. Links to each of the Clubs/LUGs might eventually be posted on the Registered Clubs and via them, their members, might very well get some special treatment

3 - Revitalize and put LA Newsletter on trackPart of the structure for the LEGO Ambassador program has been changed in order to encourage more openness and dialogue between the AFOL Communities and the LEGO Ambassadors they've nominated to represent them. For this reason we have created the “GENERAL” LA forum. Instead of sharing randomly by copy and paste from discussions in this forum, we believe the LEGO Ambassador Newsletter would be a great format which could be issued with regular intervals and possibly in more languages. It would bring more visibility and transparency to the LA program both among AFOLs and TLG staff.

This team will need to work together to establish a format, design and schedule for putting out the newsletter and then stick to it consistently. The group will eventually be able to post the newsletters directly to when the site becomes the central location for LEGO Ambassador interaction.

4 - Establish Event Calendar

There are around ten major events within the AFOL community in a given year, and beyond that there are hundreds of smaller, local shows that deserve the attention of the AFOL community as well as the general public. Also creating a central event calendar on will give LEGO Consumer Service a destination to send people from the public who are asking about events in their area. This goal of this event calendar is to help the entire LEGO Community (everyone who love LEGO for what LEGO is) have a better picture of events really take place around the globe, both those organized by fans and those organized by the LEGO Group and it’s business partners.

This project team will set up a web based calendar format which could be hosted on It should be possible for both fans, LEGO Group and LEGO Group business partner staff to post events and compiling all of those events into a single list with all of the useful information that would go along with such a listing. The biggest challenge for the team will be to determine how to maintain the events calendar over time.

5 - Establish Multi-Lingual Q&A for LEGO fans

There are many questions asked all around the LEGO Community and they've been answered on numerous occasions by both LEGO representatives and AFOLs including LEGO Ambassadors in various discussion forums. Finding the answers to these questions isn't always easy, and for this reason we want to establish a multi-lingual compilation of relevant questions and the answers to those questions.

The team working on this project will need to decide which format to put the information in (ex: wiki, etc.) and how to implement and integrate it into Also the team should determine which questions should be posted and work with both the AFOL community and the LCT to get the answers.

6 - Create an incredible AFOL Video Presentation

Two years ago the LEGO Community Team worked with a few LEGO Ambassadors in order to put together a video presentation that could be used as an introduction to the AFOL Community for LEGO Group staff. The video was so successful that it now runs in a constant loop in the LEGO Museum in Billund, DK. Now it’s time to make an even more compelling 3-5 minutes video presentation.

The team that takes up this project will work together to build an updated multimedia presentation that can be used to tell the story about the amazing AFOL community to both LEGO Group staff the public.

7 – How can TLG help LEGO Ambassadors deliver on expectations

It is critical that LEGO Ambassadors are aware of what their nominating groups expect form them and deliver on these expectations in the best way they can. The LEGO Group will support LAs to deliver, but we need to now how we can best do this.

This team will compile a list of expectation to LEGO Ambassadors representing the full group and translate this list into what TLG can do to support.

Okay, so now you´ve seen & read (hopefully you didn´t go to sleep ½-way through :tongue:) the basic idea of the program. On top of that there´s of course more hands-on stuff like "We want more X & Y & ..." that you´ll be transmitting.

I´d like to short list a bit on my thoughts about the whole enchilada:

  • This is a great thing - but it gets as good as we make it.
  • Don´t refrain yourself from asking questions/pushing ideas forward etc, be creative! But I will moderate on that stuff if I feel the need, that´s part of the job!
    If you think I´m way off - pm me directly!
  • Questions to TLG could take a while to be answered - please be patient, we´ll do it as fast as possible!
  • Info from TLG to the community - the stuff that comes this way is official.
  • Ideas from the EB-community might be discussed on another site and that Amb has the issue "en route". In that case I will bring our thoughts to that Amb.

Info from about the program.

Well that´s that as a start - feedback is appreciated.


Edited by CopMike
It´s been 8th years - time to update!

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Thank you for taking time to post this Copmike.

Now we have a more definitely understanding of what the LEGO Group expects from its Ambassadors and the communities they represent.

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Hi there,

as copmike gave me this nice little ambassador sign I wanted to say a short hello. As many other ambassadors I'm around here at eurobricks from time to time. Mostly reading but also giving some input from time to time. I was choosen to represent the Austrian community but i will gladly try to be helpful here too if I can.



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Hej Mikael! Congrats on your nomination! I'm sure you're gonna be an awesome ambassador. You're a great asset to Eurobricks and the LEGO community as a whole.


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