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Witcher III minifigure designs.

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Hey people...

Here are some custom minifigures I recently finished some final touches on, they're based on the four main characters from the Witcher III game. I designed them in adobe illustrator, and used mecabricks to export them to blender where I rendered these images. As of now they only exist in the digital realm, but I found out that my college has a really nice UV flatbed printer I can get access to, so in september (or maybe earlier if I can) I'm hoping to use that to print a bunch of them. 


52132254726_dfcff16491_k.jpgGeralt Render 1_2 by Ethan Brossard, on Flickr

52132276013_34a6022e61_k.jpgGeralt Render 2_2 by Ethan Brossard, on Flickr


52132276178_e1cd646411_k.jpgCiri Render 1 by Ethan Brossard, on Flickr

52132495144_4a78efc9aa_k.jpgCiri Render 2 by Ethan Brossard, on Flickr


52132275873_b546e503ee_k.jpgYennefer Render 1 by Ethan Brossard, on Flickr

52132494784_5e4ac9ed12_k.jpgYennefer Render 2 by Ethan Brossard, on Flickr


52132275983_ae0c1f8a98_k.jpgTriss Render 1 by Ethan Brossard, on Flickr

52131232407_843b04cffb_k.jpgTriss Render 2 by Ethan Brossard, on Flickr

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Posted (edited)

I think the Triss is the best looking of the four although her hair could be more chestnut red if at all possible. I think I’d go with dark red if you had to pick a real Lego colour. This pops a little too much for my eyes. And maybe the eyes need a dark edge or something to make them more pronounced.

For Yen, the clothes look great and the face is okay too but her expression could be more ‘knowing’ and the colour of the eyes a more violet tint, this looks magenta(?). To quote from the books “Her eyes were cold and sparkling with a remarkable violet penetrating gaze, in anger blazing with livid, blue-gray fire. Those very eyes also concealed wisdom and imperiousness”

I don’t remember those clothes for Cirilla (just looked it up and saw it’s an alt) but the face looks nice.

Geralt’s Grandmaster Wolven armour looks cool, but the face however needs much work still. It looks way too ‘clone warsy’(don’t know how else to explain check out Lego clone wars figs from back when) compared to the other three. I think you need to let go of the pupils and just give him yellow eyes with a sparkle like the others and widen the space between the brows a bit.

Still marvellous job though, just giving you my two cents

Edited by Ravelino

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