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Jeroen Ottens

[MOC] Aston Martin Valkyrie

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A bit later than expected, but I can finally present you my interpretation of the Aston Martin Valkyrie:


This 1:8 scale replica has the following features:

Independent suspension on all wheels
All wheels are suspended with a F1-style pushrod suspension. In the front the chassis has been made as small as possible to get the maximum free airflow towards the venturi channels behind it. In the back the suspension geometry is lifted to allow room for the venturi channels below it. Here is a shot to show the 'openess' of the suspension at the front:


Working steering wheel
Not much to say about this, except that the steeringwheel is not a standard LEGO steeringwheel, but it is brickbuilt to better mimick the shape of the real one

A D8-N-R gearbox with V12 fake engine
Yet another iteration on @Anto's compact gearbox. It is operated through a HoG gear behind the driver's seat. Again I have tried to make everything as compact as possible and then wrapped the bodywork tightly around it. There is very, very little space inside the enginebay:


Butterfly doors
Both doors can open and will be hold in open position with a small two beam linkage. The operation is a bit fickly as I wanted the bodywork to be as smooth as possible when closed, so takes a bit of a wiggle to get them loose.


Instructions are available on my website. It is only possible to build this car in red, but the lime accents can be changed to white or yellow if you like that better.

Comments, questions, critique are welcome as ever.

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I like the gems in the headlights :pir-blush: ! The rest of the car looks rather cheap to me. But who cares, it´s comission work, so the customer is happy and that´s important. Thanks anyway for presenting it :sweet:!

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The headlight details are awesome, clever use of the helicopter blades too :thumbup:

I think you’ve done a pretty good job considering the shape of the real car. I think all the wacky bits on the sides of the car between the wheels and under the doors are really well done. Respect for choosing such a difficult car to replicate, I don’t think many people would be willing to give it a go - me included.

Have you got a photo of the rear of the car? Didn’t see one on your website and would be interested in seeing the taillights/diffuser etc...

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