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[MOC] Some small cyberpunk cars

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A new small compact car made by the Murata Electronics corporation. With an all new heads-up display.

For sale in district 7, for only 20000 credits.


Murata - C1E by Ids de Jong, on Flickr

The pulsar Z1 is a small compact EV for quickly moving around in the city.

For sale at your nearest dealer in district 7, 16000 credits (base price).


Pulsar - Z1 by Ids de Jong, on Flickr


For the building in the back see this topic: [MOC] District-7 - Ramen corner - LEGO Sci-Fi - Eurobricks Forums

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Added another small car

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Posted (edited)

Frankly they look like "regular" cars at first glance, but with a little imagination I can see the scifi/cyberpunk kicking in, like the offset single headlight, greebles, wraparound windscreen, etc. That's probably as good as it gets at this scale. :thumbup:

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