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Hello! My name is Jake

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Hi! My name is Jake. I live in the Netherlands. I loved Lego as a child. I did not have many big sets, but I saved for a long time to buy the Lionheart Castle (6098), with which I played a lot.
A few years ago I rebuilt the castle, and I enjoyed it very much. About a year later, when the Covid-pandemic started, I bought the big Hogwarts-castle (71043). After that, I bought my first modular, and that was the start of a new addiction :p

By now, I have a room dedicated to my Lego city, Steendam! It grew out from a one-street-city to a big Metropolis. I like shifting buildings in the city and changing the city plan almost as much as building with Lego.

I built many modular buildings, the official Legosets and alternative builds made by others. I tried to make MOCs too. A few months ago, I shared instructions of an alternative build for the first time. An inverted corner, the Assembly Alleyway. After that, I made two other alternative builds, the Bistro Bookshop and the Crooks Crib. My style is: not one big building, but several smallerĀ ones of about 6-12 studs wide, so even a few modulars next to each other already look like a street. I also try to play a bit with the width of the sidewalks.

For me, the most important thing is not making something perfect, but having fun building and sharing my creations :)

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Welcome to the forum Jake :classic:

When i discovered the modulars in 2019 i discovered a new world! Like you i got addicted...and then switched to Lego Star Wars haha. But surely i want to create a large city like yours one day in the future.

I really like your Crooks Crib. It looks fantastic! I also like the Lego clouds on the blue wall. Great idea!

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