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[M4-22 - Purist Minifigures] - An Original Star Wars Crew

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This is my second entry for the May The 4th Contest

For the Purist Minifigures category I wanted to make some original characters that fit into the Star Wars Universe. I made something like a crew of five. I wanted to make as much aliens that LEGO never made as posible but it wouldn't be Star Wars if there weren't at least 2 humans. So I made a Yinchorri out of a Ninja Turtle, a Cather out of a Chima Lion and a Moseerian out of Teedo. And I also made a Cyborg-Wampa just cuz it looked cool. (I can't think of a name for them).







Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 56

Homewolrd: Tatooine 

Likes: Giving Orders

Dislikes: People Not Following His Orders

Part List Hair(black), HeadTorsoArms(olive green), Right Hand (dark bluish gray), Left Hand(light nougat), Legs.

The leader and founder of this crew, he wanted to form a crew to fight the Empire but he didn't trust the rebels. So he went to find a pilot and a ship in a cantina and found a morseerian who claimed to be the best pilot in the galaxy. So he recruited her as his pilot and they went looking for a crew.




Species: Cathar

Gender: Male

Age: 54

Homeworld: Cathar

Likes: Gold

Dislikes: The Empire

Backstory:His wife and children were killed by the Empire. And he wants revenge on the one who ordered the attack on his home planet. But he was needed a pilot to find that imperial. So he joined this crew.

Part List HairHeadCapeBagTorsoBraceletHands(dark tan), Legs.




Species: Morseerian

Gender: Female

Age: 30

Homeworld: Merj

Likes: Flying, Blasters

Dislikes: Not Flying for More Then 3 Days

Backstory: She wanted to become the best pilot/gunfighter in the galaxy. She was the top in her flying class (mainly becase she was the only one with four arms) and later got into a little trouble on Tatooine boasting that she was the best pilot in the galaxy and was saved by someone who said he was looking for a pilot with a ship and she joined his crew.

Part List HeadCapeUpper TorsoTorsoLegs.




Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Homeworld: Coruscant

Likes: Animals, Fixing and Building Things

Dislikes: Being Treated Like a Child

Backstory: At the age of 13 this boy whent on vacation to the planet Hoth with his parents. But they crashed and his parents died. He was saved by a friendly wampa. When the wampa lost her left arm and horn in a fight with another wampa the boy made her a new ion cannon arm from the parts of the crashed ship and they became best freinds. Later their distress signal was picked up by this team and they recruited them.

Part List HairHeadTorsoRight Arm (light nougat), Left Arm (light nougat), BeltHipsLegs (dark tan).





Species: Cyborg-Wampa

Gender: Female

Age: 47

Homeworld: Hoth

Likes: Food

Dislikes: People Not Understanding Her

Backstory: see above





Species: Yinchorri

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Homeworld: Yinchorr

Likes: Hunting

Dislikes: Running Low on Ammo

Backstory: He was a sniper bounty hunter. Once on a mission he saw something odd a group of people with a wampa. And it appeared to have a cannon for an arm. So he followed the strange group, they had a fight and later he decided to join them.

Part List HeadTorso BackwardsArms (green), Hands (green), Legs.

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A very diverse set of characters. I did something similar for a Morseerian. Cool to see someone else with the same idea! I have the hardest time with the Ninja Turtle. But that's because I can't un-see a TMNT fig.

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yeah I can't see anything but a ninja turtle with that character but all great otherwise.

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