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REVIEW: 76208 The Goat Boat

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Here is my review on 76298 The Goat Boat from Thor Love & Thunder:


  • The boat is excellent and surprisingly big with lots of space to fit many minifigures.
  • Interesting brick built goats.
  • Excellent minifigures and you get all key characters from the movie in one cool set.


  • Gorr is a bit boring, legs printing would have improved it way more.

This set is excellent and I like it very much.  I'm surprised on how big it is when I finished the build.  The building experience is great too, there are some clever designs through out the build.  And it's a surprisingly accurate build compared to the one in move if you have seen the trailer.  When this set was first announced, lots of questions on where are the LEGO goats, but after building it I kinda like these brick build goats, as a bonus their faces are printed.  The other thing I really like is the fact that all key characters from the movies are included in this one set!  Which is very rare in a MCU themed set.  While more details would improved the Gorr minifig but the other minifigs are so good, I'm happy to accept a bit of flaw.  The price of this set is pretty decent too given it's so often you can get 15%~20% discount off this.  I will totally recommend this set to everyone and the upcoming Creator 3 in 1 Viking ship will definitely be a good companion to this set on a display shelf. 

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