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It's been almost a year since I posted my tavern, so it's time to introduce the latest MOC. This time it's a magician's tower, inspired by Goethe's "The Sorcerer's Apprentice".

On one level of the tower, the water mage's apprentice made a "small" mistake in the summoning. The rooms were flooded and he just made it onto the balcony. The apprentice has not noticed that on the other side, the Kraken summoned into the tower is about to break out. The other mages of the tower have now gathered to defeat the beast.

The Fire Mage has summoned an elemental, while the Storm Mage has taken to the skies and throws the first bolt of lightning towards the Kraken.

The black mage has summoned a wraith to fight for him while the white mage is still gathering his power.

The dryad has grown a tree so her elemental can fight at the right height.

Despite the uproar, the astrologer has not allowed himself to be distracted from his studies. His power is certainly not needed that much...

Meanwhile, the church has sent a stoic inquisitor and his two guardsmen.

The water magician herself is at the market and hasn't noticed all the hustle and bustle.


The tower is approx. 85cm high, unfortunately I don't know the number of parts used.

The tower will be integrated into my medieval town, probably on a hill opposite the church.


52059750084_ac895d5cb2.jpgMage Tower by Tabaya, auf Flickr


52059996580_4ef407f6a6.jpgWater Apprentice_2 by Tabaya, auf Flickr


52059513511_f934c6fff7.jpgTower_East by Tabaya, auf Flickr


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Fantastic work. Love the sorcerer's apprentice getting swept away. Fantasia vibes.

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