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Okay so if you see an old post, and want to say something about it that's not allowed ? Or am I doing something wrong. 

I can't find anything on this, but have been very much told not to do this. ?? Is it just bad form ? That I get.......well I think. How old is to old to comment on something. ? 

There is no rule, maybe this place isn't for me, I'm here to learn, share, and have fun. I now understand why Canada got rid of the penny. 

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You can say something in an old topic, but some people revive very old topics not to really add something useful to it but just to say "cool" (or something like that). So e.g. you created a topic in 2020 on your project, it went dead for quite some time but now you want to share updates on it, that would be perfectly acceptable! Think about what your goal is: do you think you can substantially add to the old topic making it worth reviving or do you want to 'up' your post count (e.g.) and add cool to hundred old topics. Of course sometimes there is a fine line, and different people might have different opinions :)

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