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Lego road plates: design improvement suggestion

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If road plates go down on a hard flat surface and stay there then they should stay together, but any movement and the current method of joining them is fragile, especially if tiles are used. It's the same as joining any two plates, one plate on top is brittle, you need one plate on top and one underneath the joint to splice them. With only a connection on top, the road plates move with a destructive effect on the connection.

The road plates are two plates high and the current design doesn't give much space to play with, but there is room along the long edge to make an indentation so that a 2x4 plate can add an under-connection without raising the height. Not perfect, but it might help a little?

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I would love this change! I have thought about a similar idea before, but I was focused less on the stability aspect and more on increasing the possibilities of connections. Essentially in my setup I want to have the road plate flat on a shelf and connect a large plate exactly level with the road surface. If I could connect a plate in the bottom half of the road, then the large plate could sit on top of that. Instead in my setup I have simply not connected the roads to the adjacent plates. 

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