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Set 10265 probably needs no introduction to anyone.  A fantastic model with a great ratio of the quality and quantity of pieces to the price.  Initially, I bought it with the idea of placing it on a shelf.  Until the firas popped out with his rebuild version of the Mustang current generation.  Despite a few shortcomings, his model definitely makes a wow effect, given that it's a rebuild of this shortcoming.






I had quite a lot of ideas for making another car and all of them became a nightmare for me.  I completely couldn't reconcile the quick-end bricks with the sensible look.  For example, when building a BMW M3 E46, after using about 80% of the parts, I had only half the car.  Fortunately, I quickly abandoned Shelby Cobra, discovering that someone had already built a pretty cool one.  There was also supposed to be a Dodge Viper, but then it seemed impossible to reproduce them from the available bricks.  I am currently doing a second try on the Viper and this time it should wiek. However, I was a bit disappointed that I couldn't make a constructing anything sensible.

The smaller scale turned out to be beneficial.  Instead of the standard width of 16 studs, I focused on something at 14, or maybe 12. I considered a few off-roaders and finally I choose Hummer H1.  A supposedly smaller model should solve the limited supply of parts.  Unfortunately not with the car body.  Doors and root i was made from rest of scraps.  On this scale, it was also a problem to mount a torsion axle.  Copied one from set dropped out because it is too wide.  I managed to slim it down a bit, but it had a negative impact on the stability of whole the structure, not to mention the visual values.  I gave it up and ended up with a dummy engine and shock absorbers.  The cabin is also quite conventional.  Fortunately, the model itself resembles the original from the outside, and nobody has any problems with recognizing what kind of car it is.  The whole thing is stable and the model can be moved forward and backward.  Real level expert.





Technical info:
Rebuild od the set 10265 Creator Expert Ford Mustang
Model: Hummer H1
Parts: 773 - also used extra parts
Height: 13 studs (9 bricks and 2 plates)
Width: 14 studs (15.5 studs with footrests)
Lenght: 28 studs
Functions: All doors, hood and tailgate are open. Moving wheels.
Instruction: 197 steps on 142 pages.





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Very well done, Marcin! :wub_drool:

You captured the essence of what the Hummer ist. As you already pointed out yourself it's instantly recongniseable - and that is what counts when building a car - well - out of a car!

And you did digital work and even instructions as well. Thumbs up for this extra. :thumbup::laugh:

Did you start building digitally and then build the real thing or was it vice versa? :look:

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On 5/14/2022 at 6:40 PM, Holodoc said:

Did you start building digitally and then build the real thing or was it vice versa? :look:

No, i almost every time start build on real. When i'm finished, then i create digital version, piece by piece.

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