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[MOC] update from the LEGO city

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Hello there,

after a long break, I wanted to get back in touch and show an update or the current state of my LEGO city.

Since my last post, the city has grown significantly. You can see the current state directly in the first picture below.
The river has been extended and got a rock wall on one side, which extends to the river mouth. On the other side I have started some time ago with the construction of the city park. It will be the central place of the city. Currently I'm working diligently to expand the park and add many small details.
To give you an overview, especially about the park, I have also attached a few pictures of the park:

LEGO city project overviewLEGO city main park

I still make a YouTube video for each progress. So if you are interested in how the city has grown or how it will progress in the future, feel free to check it out. The latest video about the park can be found here:


I hope you like the update. Please let me know what you think about the current state of the city.


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Posted (edited)

Yes looks really cool and the brick built roadways look great. I really like, you are building the elevation so high, so you can make the river look so good. Nice start.

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