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GBW Hot Zones: How to Play!

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Welcome Troops!

The Great Brick War is a brick built Military Lego Adventure Game.


Before we come under fire, let's go over some rules that'll keep you alive!



  2. Be sure to check out our new website HERE! that has a ton of information about the game including our new interactive game map!

  3. Start Strategizing for the future -The more involved you are, the more there is to do. We have something for everyone here. You will be broken off into your team’s private chat where you can plan for the future if you join an alliance. 


How to play the game:


Types of Missions (BUILDS) Players can do:

Players have the ability to choose from a range of different mission types (Builds) at the start of the game. Besides free builds, all of the other mission types will be posted on the map. Players will need to check out the map when they are looking for missions to do. 

Our new INTERACTIVE MAP will show all available missions. Players can sign up for missions by posting here!

1. Free Builds: This is a free category of builds, where players can build whatever they want to earn more money and develop their presence in the game. Such builds can be life in camp, a MASH, a POW camp, a sea platform, a unit out on a patrol, a communications station, a forest outpost - anything the players like. These builds will be bigger and more detailed of course and can bring more money to players. There is no limit to how many of these a player can do per build cycle. Side builds will simply be judged on a pass or fail basis. Poor quality builds put together in haste for quick money acquisition will be failed with zero credit given. Quality over quantity. NO LIMIT PER CYCLE
Freebuilds Range from 5-10 Brick bucks depending on Size, Quality, Etc. 

2. Story Missions: Throughout the game situations are going to arise around the globe that will provide opportunities for players to embark on a story building adventure. Each of these story arcs will have it's own missions and requirements for completion. PLAYERS CAN ONLY SIGN UP FOR 1 OF THESE AT A TIME SUBJECT TO EXPIRY.

3. Contract Missions: As the war rages around the world, entities are going to request certain "services" from players at random. PLAYERS CAN ONLY SIGN UP FOR 2 OF THESE AT A TIME SUBJECT TO EXPIRY.

4. Conflict Zone: If a full fledged conflict breaks out in an area, the player will have certain criteria in order to participate in that conflict. Builds will range from espionage to full on battle based on the conflict. LIMITS WILL BE BASED ON THE CONFLICT INDEPENDENTLY. PMC Players are only eligible to play Conflict Zone if they are hired by a country.  

When posting builds, players should use a third party host (such as flickr) to host their images and post the images in their posts here. Builds should have a title formatted as follows [GBW] - Build Type - Mission Name 

Some missions may have specific requirements for posting. 


The newest version of Great Brick War is introducing a currency module to the game so players and factions can earn points to purchase and do different things. Everyone begins with zero money. The official currency of the game is BrickBuckz or BBs

Players can start building right away and earning money.      

Player Purchases

As you earn money doing things in the game, you will earn the ability to unlock other features and purchase in game perks. 

In addition to buying in game perks, players are encouraged to work out their own in game transactions with other players. All transactions (even the private ones) need to be reported to a game admin in order for the banking records to be updated. 

Perk Cost Effect
Intel $125 Purchased in relation to a Conflict Zone Campaign. Allows player some useful information about either another faction or player which may be beneficial to them in their campaign
PMC Voucher Earned Allows for a one time use to any Mercenary or PMC organization to complete a task / mission
Additional Conflict Zone Build $200 Allows a player to build an additional MOC for a Conflcit Zone Campaign beyond what is allowed in its rules.
Airstrike $350 Allows you to capture a territory in conflict zone uncontested without producing a build.

The Brick Built News Channel

This is the place where staff members will create story lines and show events that are taking place in the brick world. Players will need to keep an eye on this thread as events may be covered that affect their country and faction. Also the results of both revenue and battles will be reported here

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