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Does anyone know where I can find Studio files for Ben Fleskes XXL or similar sized steam locomotive drivers? I've tried looking around and it seems the he only provides files for LDraw on his website. If I could get my hands on something similar that would be very useful. Thanks! I just also read on Trained Bricks that Studio should take LDraw files but I've also tried importing it that way using the instructions that they provided but it doesn't seem to work on my windows pc.

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To get the Ldraw files to work in studio you have to go into C:\Users\<User/PCname>\AppData\Local\\CustomParts\parts folder you can also just take the normal wheels in the Studio Part Designer and scale them to the wheel size you want ( have to access preferences and set  dimensions to millimeters to make it easier ). Ive found a lot of information on Studio and other similar lego CAD programs to have little if at all any documentation that is actually helpful so hope this helps! the Studio Part Designer is a really powerful tool though for all sorts of things.

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