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The Joker

7886~Bat-Buggy review

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Today I bring you a review of the Bat-Buggy.This set may have already been reviewed, but I also wanted to express my feelings. Here is the Clown Prince of Crime who will star in the review:


The box: Quite a nice box, if I say so. I espcially like The Dark Knight symbol at the top. Overall a attractive box.


The figs: I love this new batman suit, my favourite out of them all. Mr. Freeze is also nice, that chest plate is quite a useful piece.


The Bat-Buggy: :sick: Colors out of place, the huge flame on the back ruins it for me. Later on in the review, my improvements will be shown.


The Freeze Go-Cart: Not as bad as the buggy, not awesome either. No steering wheel that must make it hard to drive.


Opps wrong picture,


Here are my mods to the buggy. Alot better now:


A pic from the side. Looks better without flame:


The chase is on!


The Jokers not having a very good time!



I only recummend this set for the figs. Even with my mods, the buggy does not shine. A easy way for Freeze and The Dark Knight suit.

5/10 only because of the figs, the rest is not very good at all.

Until next time, Bat-Buggy OFF!!! :thumbdown:

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Good review, I got this set but it is pretty poor. The Batbuggy pretty much blows while the Mr.Freeze thing is an armoured shopping trolley. That said, a good selection of parts and good figs, Mr.Freeze is particularly useful.

Batbrick Away! :devil:

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